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The GEM 3D is a portable, free, open source,
easy to use, software development kit which allows
 you to build high performance 3D graphics
applications such as games.

License                       : The MIT License
Operating System       : OS Independent
Programming Language : C++


General Informations

    The author of this project is Grigore Enescu Madalin.

    The GEM 3D engine is released under the The MIT License

    The GEM 3D engine is OS independent. Only Windows and Linux platforms are now supported but Solaris, FreeBSD and MacOS will be suported in the next versions.

    The GEM 3D engine is written in C++. Windows MSVC++ 6, Visual C++ Toolkit 2003, MinGW and Linux  gcc are the only compillers officially supported but you should be able to compile with any other decent C++ compiller availlable on Windows or Linux platform.

    The GEM 3D is based on OpenGL and OpenAL. On Windows and MacOS platform we are using the OpenAL implementation from Creative Labs.

    The GEM 3D engine support almost all the latest capabilities of the modern graphic cards. The GEM 3D engine is optimized for hardware multitexturing. GEM 3D engine can run only on graphic cards suporting hardware multitexturing with at least 2 texture units.



The GEM 3D engine is
 OSI Certified
Open Source Software


The GEM 3D engine is based on




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